Dive2gether Dive center Plakias, Rethymno, Crete. PADI diving courses in Crete. Boat diving & Snorkelling in Crete.
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Small classes!

You will get all the personal attention you need!

Time for fun!

Although safety comes first, we make sure there is enough time for fun!

Activities for the whole family!

We offer something for everyone, because we believe in having a good time together!

Diving Equipment

A standard set of diving equipment consists of:

Mask and snorkel
Our high quality silicone masks from Mares and Technisub (with the option of inserting optical lenses at an extra fee) will give you a water-free, clear vision. Together with the instructor’s choice in snorkels, the Technisub Air Dry, these will guarantee an enjoyable experience.

Full-foot fins
Our top of the range Mares and Technisub fins will allow you to glide effortlessly through the water.

Open heel fins
If you bring or buy your own boots, you can also rent our Mares open heel fins.

Our neoprene Mares wetsuits (ranging from shorty to full body wetsuits), will keep you nice and warm and protect you from the sun so you can enjoy the underwater world as long as you like! We also have wetsuits in a full range of sizes, from small kids suits (age 8 and above) to size 9 Mares (equivalent of a size XXXXL).

BCD/ Stab. Jacket
We have different types of Mares BCDs (Dragon, Prestige, Rover) in a broad variety of sizes. Most of our BCDs have integrated weight pockets for extra comfort during diving.

Our Mares regulators, Prestige and Abyss, are serviced regularly and replaced every 2 years. With those high quality regulators, relaxing and comfortable dives are guaranteed.

Weightbelt and weights
Our Mares weightbelts and weights have a safe quick release system and will help you compensate for the positive buoyancy caused by your wetsuit. This will help you swim comfortably and effectively.

Diving bag
We have large bags that fit a complete set of diving gear that can be used for transporting either our rental equipment or your private equipment to the beach or boat.

Diving Accessories

We also rent out the following accessories:

Dive computers
We rent out Mares Puck Pro dive computers. These give a clear overview under water and are user friendly.

Our Mares handy compasses are reliable and comfortable in use. We rent them with gear keepers attached, so you can easily click them on your BCD.

Our Tilly Tec torches give you amazing sights under water. They are used both for night dives and during the day to look under rocks and in small openings.

Optical glasses
We can replace the standard glasses in our rental mask for optical glasses ranging from -6 to + 3. This way everyone can see under water!

Pro ear mask
This mask includes cups that cover your ears to protect them from water coming in. It can be used by people with ear drum problems for both diving and snorkelling.

Our Canon Powershot cameras with underwater housing are of high quality and easy to use. With one of those you can shoot your own underwater memories.

Dry suits
We have Mares Ice Fit dry suits in a wide range of sizes. These are high quality neoprene dry suits with various sizes of neck and wrist seals.



In our shop we have a wide range of quality snorkelling and diving products for sale. You can find diving and snorkelling equipment from Mares, Fourth Element and Technisub/Aqualung at competitive prices. We offer a wide selection of masks, snorkels and fins, as well as thermal protective wear (including Thermocline and Proteus from Fourth Element) and Mares regulators. Besides this, we sell all kinds of handy accessories like gear keepers, dive knives, torches, sunglasses, and a variety of bags.

We also have a Fourth Element clothing line including hoodies, t-shirts and Cyclone jackets.

Come and have a look! Our crew is always happy to give some advice and to provide more information on the products. 


Quality Air

The last thing you want to be concerned about is the quality of the air you are breathing under water. That is why we have our own Paramina and Bauer Air Compressor with a cooler system for perfectly filtered, dry air. We fill our tanks ourselves and both our tanks and the air compressors are serviced regularly. 


Service & Repair

We are authorised service technicians for Mares and Technisub/Aqualung.

We make sure our rental gear is well maintained and serviced regularly.

If you want your equipment to be serviced during your stay, please mention this when booking your dive package. This way you can be sure that we have the needed spare parts on stock.



Every day we drive to the beach and/or the harbour to transport our crew, the divers without own transport and all diving gear. For this we possess 2 vans, a pickup and 2 trailers. 

Our boat, the Philomena, is a custom-built diving motor-cruiser, creating the perfect setting for a wonderful day of boat diving! There is a toilet, shower and cabin on board. We can take maximum 20 people along for a day trip.