Dive2gether Dive center Plakias, Rethymno, Crete. PADI diving courses in Crete. Boat diving & Snorkelling in Crete.
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Diving is fun! 

Join us for a day of diving and you will have a great time! 


Diving brings you to beautiful places!

Our underwater world is full of untouched, special places. Come and discover them with us! 

Diving gives you a totally new feeling

Being underwater gives you a relaxing feeling of weightlessness! 

Be amazed!

You will see what fantastic things there are to see underwater! 

Diving on Crete!

No matter what your level is, we have just the thing for you. We offer diving for complete beginners all the way up to experienced professionals. One thing you can be sure of is that our diving activities are offered:

  • In your own language (whenever possible)
  • In small classes
  • By experienced PADI diving instructors
  • Under ideal, safe conditions
Take a look at the options below to get an insight into what we offer. Of course you can always contact us for questions or advice as well!

Boat diving

Join us for a day of two dives from our custom-built diving motor cruiser "Philomena". Enjoy our private dive sites around the south coast of Crete! Read more

Shore diving

Around Plakias, there are several fantastic shore dive sites. This is also a great way to combine a fun day for divers and non-divers! Read more

Introduction diving

Get a taste of diving before deciding on doing a full course! The introduction dive is a single first diving lesson that will welcome you to the underwater world. 
Read more

Night diving

Night diving on Crete is fantastic because there is so much underwater life that comes out at night! We have programmes at night for all levels (non-divers up to experienced divers). Read more

Marine Biology Research diving

Learn about the different species we find in our local underwater environment and help our marine biologist to collect more data. Read more

Deep diving

Want to add some more excitement to your dives? Depending on your certification and experience level, we have just the right programme for you! Read more

Underwater photography

Whether you have your own camera or would like to learn to take beautiful underwater photos to capture those special moments, we have just the right programme for you! Read more
Key Information
Minimum age: 8 years old (depending on the programme)
- basic swimming skills
- medically fit for diving

Underwater Life on Crete Video