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Help collecting data 

Experience what it means to take scientific samples while diving


Join the mission!

Help to get a better biological understanding of the Plakias coastline

Have a closer look

You will be amazed by the variety of animals you will see during every future dive!

Dive2gether offers you weekly Marine Biology Research dives

Twice a week we organize special dives to educate you about the underwater world and offer you the opportunity to participate in our research!

Cooperation with Mare-Mundi

Since 2014 Dive2gether is working together with the Austrian non-profit organization Mare-Mundi which is dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea. Read more

Join us on our marine biology research dives

  • Make 2 amazing dives from the shore or our boat
  • Appreciate the underwater world even more
  • Contribute to our long-term goal to protect a part of the Mediterranean Sea

The hidden Life of the Mediterranean Sea


  • Find out about the incredible underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea and how the sandy beaches have been formed.
  • Discover the value of a unique ecosystem and learn to love the sandy bottom
  • Learn about alien like creatures with special tricks to survive a desert like environment


  • Join our marine biologist to find out more about the creatures in the sand
  • Help to gather data about the species and abundance (=numbers) of specially adapted organisms
  • Experience what it means to take scientific samples while diving
  • Look at the samples you took through a microscope and discover surprising animals 

The Rainforest of the Mediterranean Sea


  • Discover the value of a unique ecosystem and find out what sea grass has to do with it
  • Find out what produces our vital oxygen
  • Learn more about a hot spot of biodiversity


  • Join our marine biologist and help her to get more information about a unique ecosystem
  • Get experience in finding camouflaged organisms
  • Learn more about scientific data collection underwater
  • Analyze your own small samples under the stereomicroscope

Hidden in Plain Sight


  • Can you distinguish animals from plants? You may be surprised!
  • Get to know more animals inhabiting the Mediterranean Sea
  • Learn more about one of the oldest animal groups in the world



  • Get a glimpse of the fascinating life of these animals by close observation.
  • use a plankton net to collect samples
  • Look through the stereomicroscope at the collected plankton and discover even more about the life in the water column

What makes the Mediterranean Sea so Unique


Get insider knowledge about seawater; interesting for everyone and especially divers.

  •  What makes saltwater salty?
  • Is the amount of salt everywhere the same?
  • How do currents work?


Marine Biology Research Diving

Key Information
- PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver (or equivalent)
- Good buoyancy control