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Education and Conservation


Located on the beautiful Greek island of Crete, what makes Dive2gether such a unique diving school?

The Marine Biology Team

Since 2016, we have had full-time Marine Biologists that give twice weekly presentations to our guests on 4 different topics related to the marine life in the Mediterranean Sea. Thay are hugely popular, and informative with 234 participants taking advantage of our Marine Biologists expertise during the 2023 season.


In 2021, our head of Marine Biology, Martina, began our seagrass restoration project, with the goal of re-planting naturally uprooted seagrass fragments onto specialised Geo-Mats.

Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows are endemic to the Mediterranean, and are an important producer of oxygen, and capturer of carbon dioxide, meaning the seagrass meadows provide a vitally important role in reducing the effect of climate change.

Our guests participate in the project through our dedicated, 2 dive seagrass activity program, and in the 2023 season we had 71 participants planting, and learning, about this unique marine ecosystem. This season we offered our fun diving guests the opportunity to plant also, to help boost our efforts. It has proved to be very popular with 51 participants helping us with 240 fragments re-planted in total for this season.

 Twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, the Biologists monitor and collate the data to check the health and efficacy of the project. The signs have been excellent, with a survival rate of 80% of all the re-planted fragments, with a whole plethora of marine life inhabiting the Geo-Mats.


Our mantra of “exceeding expectations’’ is reflected in our commitment to achieving high levels of diver training throughout all of our programs.

None more so than our Bootcamp program which began in 20??. Every Bootcamp participant enjoys a tailor-made itinerary, normally lasting 4-6 weeks, and covers the whole range of diving courses and specialties up to the Divemaster program. Accommodation is included, as is our weekly BBQ, where

guests and the Dive2gether team enjoy an evening of fun, food, and drinks!

Career development is a cornerstone of Dive2gether. After becoming a Divemaster, Bootcampers can participate in enhanced dive guide training to achieve the high level of service that we offer to our guests. As we offer boat diving, and a range of shore diving sites, the additional training is invaluable to becoming a key member of a motivated, and knowledgeable diving team.

Instructor Development Course.

Taking your diving career to the next level at Dive2gether, and becoming a PADI Instructor, is an opportunity to share your passion for diving as an educator.

As a PADI 5-star IDC centre since 2013, we conduct an annual Instructor Development Course with Course Director, Balazs Doczy, assisted by our team of Staff Instructors.

You will be able to organize and present information, conduct skill development sessions, and control open water dives. All learnt and practiced with the emphasis on student diver safety.

The key topics of the course include the PADI standards and procedures, risk management and diver safety, the business of diving, and your role as an Instructor with marketing and sales counselling.

 You will be doing in-water workshops where you will be marked on demonstrating skills, identifying and solving problems, giving briefings and de-briefings, all while learning the PADI system of instruction.

You earn your PADI Instructor rating with us through hard work and commitment, enjoying the unique atmosphere, environment, and facilities that we have here at Dive2gether Crete.

 You will be rewarded with a career like no other! Transforming lives, creating new divers, and sharing incredible underwater adventures. All while enriching your life, and making a difference to all of those around you.