Dive2gether Dive center Plakias, Rethymno, Crete. PADI diving courses in Crete. Boat diving & Snorkelling in Crete.
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Dry suit diving on Crete!

Learn to dive in a dry suit in a comfortable way!

Underwater photography!

Learn to take stunning photos underwater with our PADI Digital Underwater Photography Specialty!

Safe deep diving!

With our high standards of equipment and teaching, this is the best place to learn about deep diving!

PADI Adventures and Specialties on Crete

We offer a wide range of PADI Adventure Dives and PADI Specialties, with which you can expand your diving experience. Here on Crete we have fantastic diving conditions which make all these courses lots of fun. 

PADI Adventure Dives and Specialties include a lot of practical experience and a lot less theory, which make them perfect holiday activities!

Here below you will find information on all kinds of fun activities. If there is a diving activity which you are interested but can't find below, then please contact us.  

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Buoyancy is one of the most important parts of diving. Learning to control your buoyancy effectively means you will enjoy every future dive more! Read more

Underwater Navigation

Never lose your orientation underwater again! Learn to navigate effectively underwater, with and without a compass. Read more

Deep Diving

Deep diving can be exhilarating and interesting, but it has to be done safely. Learn all about how to plan and conduct safe and fun deep dives. Read more

Night Diving

Night diving allows you to see life that normally hides during the day. It is a totally new way to experience the underwater world! Read more

Multilevel and Computer Diving

Knowing how to plan and conduct multilevel dives means you can safely extend your bottom time. You will also learn more about how to use your dive computer correctly! Read more

Underwater Naturalist

Our underwater world is fascinating and beautiful. As divers, we should know how to act responsibly and take care of it so it will stay beautiful for many years to come! Read more

Underwater Photography

Want to share your diving experiences with friends and family? Learn how to take great pictures to keep your memories safe! Read more

Dry Suit Diving

Diving in a dry suit is a totally new way of diving. Not only does it keep you warm, you will also get a totally different feeling of buoyancy. Read more

Search & Recovery

Experience the fun in retrieving objects that were lost. Learn how to use lifting bags and other cool devices. Read more

Boat Diving

Learn more about diving from a boat and enjoy your boat dives even more! Read more

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Do you know how to act in a diving emergency? After doing this specialty you will! Read more