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Work together!

Teamwork is essential to reach the goals of searching for and recovering objects underwater. 


Search and recover!

Learn to search for small and large objects and use the appropriate method to bring them to the surface. 


Know how to search

After doing this PADI Specialty, you will even be able to find animals with the best camouflage! 


Do the PADI Search and Recovery Specialty to:

  • Have fun trying out different lifting methods
  • Know that you will never really lose something underwater again
  • Take part in the joy of finding back lost objects

PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Features

In four dives and two theory sessions you will learn about:

Search and recovery procedures

  • Organising, planning and controlling a search from the boat and beach
  • Different methods for searching, dependent on the type of object
  • Procedures for determining the position of a sinking object, viewed from shore
  • Techniques and safety considerations for object location
  • How to establish a search area

Lifting devices

  • Deciding on the method for lifting an object, depending on its weight
  • Ascending with and controlling a lifting bag
  • Improvising a homemade lifting bag
  • Different types of knots

Hazards and techniques

  • Effects of bottom topography while searching
  • Impacts of water movement
  • Potential hazards and how to avoid them

PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Prerequisites

Minimum age

  • 12 years old

Diving Certificate and Experience

Search and Recovery Equipment


  • Standard set of diving equipment
  • Dive computer
  • Compass

If you do not have your own compass, then you are welcome to rent one of our ::compasses::, and if you like it, we even sell them in our Dive2gether shop!
PADI Search and Recovery Specialty

Key Information
Prerequisites: PADI (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent) 
Minimum age: 12 years old
Duration: 4 dives (2 days)
Required study materials: PADI eLearning - Search and Recovery

PADI Search and Recovery Specialty on Crete Video