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Refresh your skills!

Didn't dive for a while? Join our Refresher course and get the confidence you need underwater

A good start of your diving holiday!

Before participating in new activities this is the perfect way to get to know us and for us to get to know you.

Join us for more dives

After refreshing your skills join us for a day of fun diving from the Boat or Beach and explore one of our amazing dive sites.

When was your last dive?

Is it a while ago since you made your last dive? Join us for a refresh course and get the confidence back. After a half day course you feel refreshed and are ready to join one of our other programmes. 

The advantages are:

  • Refreshing skills you didn't do for a while
  • Getting confidence back
  • Becoming a safer diver
  • Enjoying an even more relaxing start

Refresher Features

The refresher programme covers half a day and consists of:

  • a repetition of dive theory
  • a comprehensive briefing
  • a repetition of basic diving skills 
  • a guided underwater tour


You will get a comprehensive briefing from one of our experienced Dive2gether Crew members covering:
  • Building up the gear
  • Doing the buddy check
  • Basic dive skills
  • Hand signals and other communication skills
  • The underwater environment

Basic diving skills

You will enter the water and practise some basic skills in shallow water to get used to the underwater world again including:

  • Entering- and exiting the water
  • Recovering/clearing your regulator
  • Clearing a flooded mask
  • Use of the alternative air source
  • Achieving neutral buoyancy

Guided tour

Once your skills are refreshed we will use the rest of our time to explore the underwater world. Your instructor will show you the beauty of diving on Crete and make sure you have a safe and comfortable dive. 

Refresher Prerequisites

When is a refresher obliged 

If you haven't been diving for a period of six months or longer and you do not fulfil two of the following three conditions a refresher is obliged:

  • You have more than 40 logged dives
  • You hold a PADI Rescue Diver Certificate or higher
  • You have been diving within the last 24 months

Minimum diving certification and experience

Diving Equipment

  • Standard set of diving equipment
  • Dive computer

For information on equipment rental please look at our ::equipment:: page.

"Thanks for the tune up and 4 great dives – got more confidence now! A really professional and comfortable experience! I’ll be back." Rosalind (33 yrs) 

Key Information
Facilities on the beach: 
(different per location)
- toilet
- shower
- sunbeds
- taverna 

- PADI (junior) Scuba Diver or equivalent