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Enjoy good quality gear!

Our rental equipment is all of professional quality, ensuring that you will enjoy snorkelling!

Explore the underwater world!

Rent some snorkelling gear and find out what there is to see in our fascinating Mediterranean Sea. 

Find out what there is to see!

There are many interesting things to find underwater, such as this tube anemone! 

Snorkelling is for everyone

Snorkelling is a fantastic activity that:

  • Is active and fun
  • Is suitable for all ages
  • You can do anywhere, anytime
  • Lets you watch and enjoy the underwater world

If you already feel comfortable in the water then take the chance to rent some of our top of the line snorkelling equipment and go snorkelling independently.

Full set of snorkelling equipment

You are welcome to rent a full set of snorkelling equipment (including all of the items below) and go and explore the underwater world on your own!

Snorkelling equipment items

The snorkelling equipment that we have for rental includes:

  • Masks and snorkels
    Our high quality silicone masks from Mares and Technisub (with the option of inserting optical lenses at an extra fee) will give you a water-free, clear vision. Together with the instructor’s choice in snorkels, the Technisub Air Dry, these will guarantee an enjoyable snorkelling experience.
  • Full-foot fins
    Our top of the range Mares and Technisub fins will allow you to glide effortlessly through the water.
  • Wetsuits
    Our neoprene Mares wetsuits (ranging from shorty to full body wetsuits), will keep you nice and warm and protect you from the sun so you can enjoy the underwater world as long as you like!
  • Weightbelts and weights
    Our Mares weightbelts and weights have a safe quick release system and will help you compensate for the positive buoyancy caused by your wetsuit. This will help you swim comfortably and effectively.

Snorkelling sites

We are happy to give you advice on:

  • The best shore snorkelling spots in the area
  • The location where we will be going beach diving
Snorkelling Equipment Rental

Key Information
Prerequisites: basic swimming skills
Minimum age: 6 years old (younger can be discussed with us)