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Fun for the whole family!

Snorkelling is great because it is a fun activity that everyone can take part in! 

Snorkelling combines fun with adventure!

Join us on our weekly trip to the Waterfalls and you will get to experience a magical adventure! 

Enjoy snorkelling!

Learn how to confidently snorkel by joining our Snorkelling Course! 

Advantages of snorkelling

Snorkelling offers:

  • A wonderful introduction to the underwater world
  • An activity that you can continue all over the world
  • At low cost, because there is less equipment and organisation involved than for scuba diving
Snorkelling is a great option if:
  • You are too young to scuba dive
  • You are medically not allowed to scuba dive, or
  • Going underwater is a too big a step for you

Snorkelling for you!

We offer a wide range of snorkelling activities for all levels! 


This is the perfect excursion for divers and non-divers. Come and enjoy the breath-taking views, while having an active day together. Read more

Snorkelling Course

To learn how to snorkel or to improve your snorkelling skills do our Snorkelling Course! If you feel comfortable with it we will teach you the most important steps for diving down to get up close to the beautiful underwater world. Read more

Night Snorkelling

When night snorkelling you will be amazed by what you see! With our high quality Tilly Tec and Mares torches you will see interesting nocturnal aquatic life while enjoying the starry night sky at the same time. Read more

Snorkelling Equipment Rental

Our top quality snorkelling equipment will ensure a wonderful time snorkelling. Read more
Key Information
Minimum age: 6 years old (younger can be discussed with us)
Prerequisites: basic swimming skills