Dive2gether Dive center Plakias, Rethymno, Crete. PADI diving courses in Crete. Boat diving & Snorkelling in Crete.
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When Rein and Meta took their 11 year old twin sons Paul and Erik to Plakias to experience diving for the first time, it turned out to be the best family holiday ever. The unique combination of sharing a holiday adventure in an area so hospitable and diverse exceeded every individual holiday expectation.

The following years it was clear that they would return to Plakias every year to go diving. Their growing familiarity with the area had them feel more at home every year they returned and their continued diving education offered new adventures every time.

The stories of their holidays on Crete spread amongst friends and relatives and motivated them to join the family on their holidays. Rein, Meta, Paul and Erik discovered the satisfaction in organizing a successful holiday experience for others. Personal attention and group experience were the key ingredients. It laid the foundations of the Dive2gether company as you know it today. 


We want to offer a great holiday experience to both divers and non-diving friends or family members. Therefore we always invite non diving friends or family members to join us to the beach we are diving from that day.

The beaches we go to do not only have a beautiful underwater landscape, also above water these are beautiful places to spend the day. There are sunbeds and umbrellas and a Taverna for a refreshing drink or snack. Since the divers will only be under water for maximum 1 hour per dive (so 2 hours a day), you can still enjoy your day together.

On the boat passengers are welcome as well. We do give priority to divers though. For a day on the boat there are costs involved.

Besides diving we also offer snorkelling programs that can be enjoyed by everyone. Also our weekly barbecue is open to non-diving friends and family.



Personal Approach Experts

Dive2gether stands for more than just diving together. We offer you a holiday program full of activities and social happenings for young and old, divers and non-divers.

The personal atmosphere of Dive2gether attracts happy, active and social people.

Exceeding expectations

By getting to know our guests first we aim to exceed your expectations and to adapt our programs to your needs and preferences.

All our courses are offered on demand, so we adjust to your schedule as much as possible.

We offer you:


Safety is our number one priority. Some examples of what we do to keep it safe:
-          Live up to PADI standards unconditionally
-          Making sure our crew is well trained and equipped for the tasks they carry out
-          Servicing and maintaining our cars, machines and equipment on a regular basis
-          Assessing dive conditions daily
-          Checking private gear from our divers (bcd and regulator)
-          Make sure we have oxygen and first aid products and expertise on location
-          Dive computer required when going deeper than 18 metres
-          Obligatory a Refresher for less experienced divers

Good Organisation

We believe that a good organisation contributes to an amazing experience. Therefore we work in a structured manner and according to schedules. Have a look at Our daily organisation.


High quality teaching

Because we want you to have the best diving experience possible, we pay a lot of attention to teaching and training. The more comfortable you feel as a diver, the more you will enjoy it. We use small student-instructor ratios offer extra course lessons to make sure you meet PADI’s standards.



We prefer to address you in your own language. Our crew speaks English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, and Greek. Please have a look at our price list to see in which languages we have study materials.


Quality Equipment

You can rent high quality Mares and Technisub/Aqualung diving ::equipment:: from us.  Our gear is serviced and replaced regularly. Our regulators are maximum 2 years old. We always bring spare parts to our dive locations to make sure there is no malfunctioning.